Thursday, June 30, 2011

HTML isn't a programming language.

Seriously, stop it.

HTML(HyperText Markup Language) is NOT a programming language, nor will it ever be.

HTML is exactly what it says it is, a markup language. HTML takes (literally) a day (or less, depending on your pace of learning) to master.

To get onto this topic, I had a fun chat with a really stupid teacher.

I was at my younger cousin's school, hanging around, talking to people, when I walked into his Computer Technologies class (Read: Keyboarding) and spoke to the teacher, just bullshitting around.
"Yeah, I have some programming knowledge, but I'm more of a web developer." I say.
"Oh, really? I happen to know some things about programming myself, I'm pretty good at it." She replies.
"Cool, what platform do you use, and what language?" I ask.
"HTML, and Mozilla Firefox." She answers.
At this point, I go cross eyed. It takes a lot for me to get mad, but when people claim they know a lot about a subject, then prove that they don't, makes me mad.
Anyways, I proceeded to amaze her with my "godlike skillz" on the computer.

If anything you could say HTML is a scripting language, but that's pushing it quite a bit.


  1. Okay...okay, I'm seriously laughing here.

    YOU I like! Followin'~!

    Yeah, the only time I even suggest that HTML is a language is if I'm trying to pad my resume or am pulling one over on a supervisor. "Yeah, dude, I was there when the W3C first said 'AND THE INTERNET SHALT USE HTML 4.0, NOT 3.0 OR 2.0 BUT 4.0 ONLY!'" all caps included.

    Anyway, followin' and gonna check on the rest of yer stuff!

  2. Yeah, I've had similar experiences. I wouldn't even call HTML a scripting language.