Monday, June 27, 2011

C Primer Plus

So the other day I was in Goodwill, looking for anything that had to do with Celts or Vikings(not the sports team), and I ran across a rather old programming book (published 1998) called The Waite Group's C Primer Plus Third Edition.

I've had some experience with C++ before, like using it for things like creating app launchers (which I now use VB.NET for), or my 11th grade Science Fair project (fun times). Now, as far as I can see, in this book, not much has changed. I'm not a big expert on C++ or anything, but it looks mostly the same.

Just flipping through the book I can see some differences between my practices and the author's.

For example, he uses printf instead of cout, or he uses scanf where I use cin.

I guess it all matters where you learn from (I personally learned from a ":For Dummies" book), and at what time a certain syntax is popular.

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