Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[Not Programming] Aluma-Wallet Sucks.

Well, I had bought an Aluma-Wallet for myself to take to concerts and/or maybe on the occasional hiking trip I like to take, but I was really disappointed when I opened the package.

The first thing I noticed when I tried to pull the Wallet from the package, was that the aluminum siding came off one side! It was held together by tape! After re-attaching that to the wallet, I opened it, and noticed how flimsy the accordion card holder was. I put two fingers in one, and pulled them apart and the plastic came apart! If you have a large-ish wad of cash, that won't work in this wallet.

Also, when I opened it, the metal at the hinges bent! I've never seen such a cheap thing in my life! I understand that I spent 10$ on it, but I was sorely disappointed with the product. So disappointed that this happened...

For shame Aluma-Wallet. For shame.


  1. Helpful post! I've wondered about the quality of these for awhild now. Following!

  2. what did you expected?